Saturday, September 13, 2014

breastfeeding; my secret recipe

My Secret Recipe for Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding is a very rewarding experience that most moms enjoy. In addition to its physical advantages for both baby and mummy, it creates a special bond and gives the child a unique sense of security and warmth.
Knowing and believing in the benefits of breastfeeding, I decided to fully commit to it back with my first child.  It was a painful struggle that lasted for four months. I had bleeding blisters, and my baby would not even consider a bottle. Not that I wanted to stop breastfeeding, but the pain was unbearable. I tried every single remedy I crossed, and none of them worked. With my teeth biting my lips, I continued to breastfeed until by coincidence I came across Lansinoh – lanolin breast cream, and breastfeeding became paradise. 
I consider that I have successfully breastfed all five kids, including the twins, and I am delighted that I did. Not that it was smooth and easy with all of them, but ‘When there is a will, there is a way.’ I strongly encourage all moms to try their best to breast feed since it is the best that you could offer to your baby.
I do understand, however, that not all women are able to breastfeed, and one of the main problems is the fact of not having sufficient milk supply.  Once a mom decides she wants to breastfeed, she has to focus on following a healthy diet which helps in increasing the amounts of milk. Following a diet to lose the baby weight must be put on hold, and the focus should be more on the foods that are good for the mom’s milk. ‘Foods with lactation-promoting properties are called lactogenic foods.’     

Here are the best supply-boosting foods for breastfeeding moms;
Papaya, asparagus, oats, halva sweet known as ‘halawa’, carrots, almond nuts, spinach, chick peas, brown rice, apricots, and salmon.

Frequent nursing or pumping in addition to drinking water and other fluids boost the milk supply. One of my favourite and finest herbal fusions is a drink which I have inherited from my great-grandmothers. And the recipe is simple and easy; two to three cinnamon sticks, a knob of dry or fresh ginger, and some anis seeds.
Put all the ingredients in a big kettle. Fill it with a half a litre of water. Bring it to the boil and let it simmer for a half an hour.
During the first two months you could add around one teaspoon of fenugreek. The latter helps in cleaning the womb and in boosting the milk supply. However, you should not exceed the intake of fenugreek as it might decrease the sugar level in the blood.
Finally, a breastfeeding mom should try to rest and nap whenever she could in order to be able to stand up to the required demands.        


Breastfeeding needs commitment and dedication, but it is also rewarding in terms of physical and emotional states for both mommy and baby.  It is indeed worth trying! 

N.B: Please note that these recipes suited me well. If you have any allergy to any of the above mentioned ingredients, avoid trying them.