Friday, October 17, 2014

Most Embarrassing Incidents

Has this ever happened to you?

You are all having dinner with family and close relatives when your six year old swears as he is telling you about a fight he had with one of his friends in school.


You are in a toy store at the mall when your three year old throws a tantrum. She starts twisting and screaming while lying on the floor simply because you refused to buy her a toy which she already has.


You are having a gathering with some of your friends and their children, and your eight year old answers you back in front of everyone.     

We have all encountered embarrassing situations with our children which sometimes might have been funny, and other times you were so embarrassed that you wished you could be dreaming!

What would you do in such situations? How are you supposed to react? Do you preach? Do you show your frustration? Or do you ignore the whole thing?

Have your voice heard and share your experiences here. In the aim to support each other, as mothers, let us know how you have dealt with the same or similar situations in the comments section below!


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