Friday, November 7, 2014

Baby Products

How many times have we stopped and stared at the wide variety of baby products? How do we decide which is the best shampoo when our eyes are bombarded with all those competing brands?

When it comes to baby products, parents get lost with the countless items available in the supermarkets or pharmacies.  Back when I was attending the prenatal courses with our first baby, the mid-wife mentioned that the shampoos and body wash items used nowadays have chemical elements she herself cannot even read. Indeed she said:” Just imagine what we are putting into our babies’ bodies right from day one.”
Following the session, I stormed home to complete an extensive research before I set my mind on using the following products with my children. Even though those products worked well for all 5 of my kids, I would strongly advise all mothers and care givers to do their own research that fits the best interest of their individual children. In other words, some babies might be allergic to certain chemical substances and therefore we should be meticulous in our choices.


After trying different brands of diapers, I decided to use Huggies. It is mainly composed of cotton and does not cause any rash to babies.  Recently, there has been Organic Huggies which is composed of organic cotton for ages 1 and 2.

Follow on Formula:
Breast milk is the best milk a mom can supply her child with. However, if for any reason a mom cannot breastfeed, there is also a lot of Organic Milk Formula options. I usually introduce milk formula around the age of 6months, and I mainly use Hipp Bio Combiotic Milk.                    

Shampoos, soaps, and body showers:
When it comes to diaper change, I always prefer to use water and soap. I only use baby wet wipes in case we were at the mall, or in the park, or in any other place where I am unable to wash for my baby.
I know it is tiresome, but I strongly believe that it is cleaner and healthier than having wipes on the baby’s skin all day.
With my first baby, I used La Roche Posay Lipikar Soap. It was an excellent choice and my son never had any allergic reaction throughout the time he had nappies.

I also used Mustela or Bioderma shampoos. Both products have ingredients of natural origin, sourcing most of the key active ingredients from plants. Today, Mustela Bébé products contain 92% ingredients of natural origin on average.

Currently, I am using Rampal Latour soap which is a natural soap for my twins, and I am more than satisfied with this product.  It is silky smooth and has a wonderful fragrance. The only disadvantage of such soaps are that they do not have a “no more tears” formula, so you need to be careful, your baby does not rub his eyes.

Nowadays, there is an insistency on having paraben free products. “Parabens are inexpensive, highly effective preservatives. They prevent the growth of mold and bacteria that could spoil products or potentially harm consumers.”

Are parabens dangerous?

“Parabens have been widely used as preservatives for over 50 years. The Cosmetic Ingredient Review, an organization that evaluates the safety of ingredients, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are satisfied that parabens are safe. However, the European Union's Scientific Committee on Consumer Products is still reviewing the safety of propyl, isopropyl, butyl, and isobutyl parabens.
Parabens have been found to mimic the female hormone estrogen, although they're 1,000 to one million times weaker than natural estrogen. A controversial study published in 2004 led to widespread concern that parabens in underarm deodorants could cause breast cancer. This study has since been discredited because it involved only 20 women and was poorly conducted.
While studies have found some parabens can affect the reproductive systems of male animals when ingested or injected, we don't know whether they would cause similar problems in people.” (

That’s why, precautions are better taken, especially since there has not been enough data collected on this issue.
Most laboratories of baby shampoos are working on removing harmful chemicals from the composition of their products.  So always make sure to read the labels and check what ingredients are found before using any product on your baby.
Rash creams:
Sudocrem is a common rash cream that has been used for years.

However, there is always a natural remedy which is as beneficial as any other rash cream, but it is completely natural. All you need to do is mix one table spoon of starch with a bit of water until you get a thick white semi liquid consistency – very similar to Greek yogurt. This can be applied on the baby’s skin and it serves as a coat and cools the red skin.
Baby Laundry Washing Detergents:
I have always used special detergents for my children, especially during the first four months. Knowing how sensitive babies are, it is important to find a detergent that is composed of harmless and natural elements. Le Chat Bebe Lessive is an excellent choice.
Baby Oils:
Natural olive and almond oils are what we used to scrub our little ones with after the shower. A gentle massage along, made them feel relaxed and loved. That is why I never bought any kind of baby oil.

Finally, I hope that this summary would be of help to all the mothers out there. I want to reiterate that each baby is different, and what might have suited my children does not necessary suit all babies. After all, we seek what is best for our kids. 

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